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About us

MEGA ALUMINUM is a unique company, in which, since 1994, we have been trying to merge the potentialities of the most modern technologies of metal and glass with the refined aesthetics of artistic handiwork, that is to create “industrial design & craft” at its best.

Our task is to design, manufacture and install on buildings all typologies of aluminium construction elements, but our target is, above all, to understand the customer’s needs, then to translate them into the language of technology and to embody them in an appropriate form. As from individually created solutions for residential and commercial buildings, to the grandeur of facades covering thousands of square meters, elaborating sophisticated details and ensuring the best technical parameters of glass walls, we engage in every challenge with mature experience and always fresh passion.

A rich list of realized projects, the versatility of our team’s capabilities, solid workmanship and reliability in relations with our partners – both with clients and suppliers – bestow on us an exceptional position in our industry branch, the company with an extraordinary character.

Below are photos of our first historical projects from the 90s of the twentieth century.