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- Crown Investments
- Bitwy Warszawskiej 1920
- Marynarska Business Park
- Trinity Park I
- Trinity Park II
- Trinity Park III
- King Cross & Manufaktura
- Zaułek Piękna
- Tivoli Park
- Informatic Center of the Region
- Swimming Pool & Sports Hall
- Senator
- Konstruktorska Business Center
- T-MOBILE, Marynarska 12
- Ghelamco Arena
- Hotel Le8300 Knokke-Heist
- Blaisant Park Gandawa
- Waterview Leuven
- Postępu 14
- Campus Pellenberg, Belgium
- Complex West Station, Warsaw
- Wronia 31, Warsaw
- Hotel Ring, Ghent, Belgium
- RAFC - Royal Antwerp Football Club, Belgium
- ZNA Park Spoor Nord, Antwerp, Belgium
- SMYK - CEDET, Warsaw
- Foksal 13/15




:: Complex West Station, Warsaw

A multi development containing the new Warsaw West Railway Station as well as two huge office buildings to which main offices of Polish National Railway moved in recently.
Railway Station, operating underground, was topped by a dome in form of two intersecting cylinders, with sharp diagonal cuts on both ends. Steel bearing grid was covered by triple structural glazing in rhomboid formats, with dot prints of different intensity. Leaning front wall is also a structurally glazed façade, including sliding doors and smoke exhaust windows. Inside the Station the lift shafts were cladded by point - fixed spider glass and a particular illumination of dome was installed.
Two very similar, 14 floor high office buildings, one on "L" shape plan, other on "C" shape plan, feature a geometric composition of three façade types: first in graphite colour on wide glass modules with perforated fins on vertical capping profiles, second in white on narrow glass modules with special capping profiles nesting LED light strips, and third structural façade in niches. Reliefs of facades and terraces on 10th floor create an interesting impression of separate cuboids' composition.
ATTENTION: all transparent façade glazing is realized in triple IGU (according actual energy saving regulations) which changes completely the façade installation techniques and implies the use of particular equipment for glass lifting.
An integrating accent of the entire development determines the monumental Clock Tower, realized in point - fixed spider glass with print, on steel bearing structure.
  • 29.000 sqm in total of aluminum / glass constructions
  • mullion / transom facades with THV windows
  • semi-structural facades with structurally glazed windows
  • dome cladding in structural glazing
  • point - fixed spider glass claddings
  • aluminum suspended ceilings
  • louver claddings
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