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- Crown Investments
- Grupa »ywiec
- Marynarska Business Park
- Trinity Park I
- Trinity Park II
- Trinity Park III
- King Cross & Manufaktura
- Restaurant Akashia
- Zau│ek Piŕkna
- Tivoli Park
- Informatic Center of the Region
- Swimming Pool & Sports Hall
- Senator
- Konstruktorska Business Center
- T-MOBILE, Marynarska 12
- Ghelamco Arena
- Hotel Le8300 Knokke-Heist
- Blaisant Park Gandawa
- Waterview Leuven
- Postŕpu 14
- Campus Pellenberg, Belgium
- Complex West Station, Warsaw
- Wronia 31, Warsaw
- Hotel Ring, Ghent, Belgium
- RAFC - Royal Antwerp Football Club, Belgium


- ZNA Park Spoor Nord, Antwerp, Belgium
- SMYK - CEDET, Warsaw


:: RAFC - Royal Antwerp Football Club, Belgium

Main tribune of football stadium of the oldest and the most traditional Belgian club, meaning the "Royals" of Antwerp. Apparently simple mullion / transom fašade, with large and heavy glass formats, in particular in VIP boxes on field side. The most interesting aspect of the project is the fašade illumination system and the use of glass surface as tele-beam screens on which adverts and info can be shown. Beside the LED light strips on capping profiles everywhere, the central part of fašade has the particular glazing with tiny LED points and capillary cables build into IGU chamber. This multicolour "pixel" light points, programmed by computer, transmit images and motion pictures on the entire fašade, without disturbing the glass transparency and without altering the glass parameters. This development was realized in record timing of 9 weeks.
  • 4.500 sqm in total of aluminum / glass constructions
  • mullion / transom facades on large grid
  • Glassiled system of tele-beam screen built into IGU chamber
  • rich fašade illumination
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