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- ZNA Park Spoor Nord, Antwerp, Belgium
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:: ZNA Park Spoor Nord, Antwerp, Belgium

Giant hospital for 340 beds on 19 floors, located near the harbour in the north part of the city. Integrated into a "hospital boulevard" complex, focused mainly on various medical services, but including also residential towers, commercial and catering areas.
The building is realized in a very interesting technology of precast concrete elements, in which the ready windows are placed while still in concrete factory premises. Moreover, the windows are not flat but three-dimensional "Z" shaped, and they are installed complete with glazing (with structurally glued whole glass corners), with membranes and flashings. Afterwards those precast elements, almost 18 ton each, are transported to site and hung on the building structure, like old-fashion panel housing, but with a very modern, fantastic precision of LEGO bricks. External finishing as glyphs and parapets will be installed in the second phase, on site, and then the concrete surface will be insulated and covered with glass mosaic.
  • 920 pieces of three-dimensional windows, approximately 6 sqm each
  • aluminum surface finishing in the highest standard of resistance against capillary corrosion - preanodized and QUALIMARINE powder coated
  • glazing with structurally glued whole glass corners
  • unusual sequence of window installation in precast concrete elements factory
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