Aluminum windows Facts and Myths

Aluminum windows Facts and Myths

Aluminum windows, although there are still some myths around them, are slowly but consistently gaining a significant place in the construction market. No wonder, however! They are perfect for large glazing, characteristic for modern architecture, and at the same time they are durable, durable, light and elegant.

Large-format glazing

Aluminum windows, like no other, allow for obtaining large glass surfaces, which makes them particularly desirable in modern construction. The widest frames are up to 170 cm wide and 290 cm high. The great advantage of this woodwork is the possibility of making corner glazing, which is practically impossible in the case of wooden or plastic windows. Such a structure can be up to 3 m high and is reinforced only with a narrow corner post, which adds lightness to it without blocking the light of the glass at all.

Utility parameters of aluminum windows

Until recently, aluminum windows were used only in factories, farm buildings and production halls. This state of affairs was mainly due to their poor thermal insulation, but now the situation has changed. The use of modern production technologies and insulating materials made aluminum windows not only energy-efficient, but even passive. The warmest models available on the market have a heat transfer coefficient of 0.53 W / (m2.K), and the values ​​of 0.8-1.1 W / (m2.K) are actually the norm. These parameters of aluminum joinery are provided by double glazing, insulating spacers, low-emission coatings and top-class gaskets placed inside the profiles.