Mosquito nets

Spring outside the windows, and with it the dilemma returns: how to effectively protect the interior of your home against intrusive insects? There are many products on the market that do not actually do the job or their effect is short-lived.
The most effective and functional solution are mosquito nets installed on windows and balcony or terrace doors. Importantly, these products also provide effective protection against contamination from outside, while ensuring access to daylight and an inflow of fresh air.
Aluprof offers a full range of mosquito net systems tailored to the needs of users. The extensive offer includes three types of frame mosquito nets: fixed (MRS and MRSZ), openable (MRO) and sliding (MRP), MZN and MZH rolled mosquito nets installed independently to the window joinery, and MPH HARMONY and MPH HARMONY VERTI pleated mosquito nets.

Pleated mosquito net (MPH HARMONY)

The solution is adapted for installation on patio doors or balcony recesses. Its main advantage is space saving, allowing for optimal use of space. A characteristic feature of this product is the use of a special pleated net which, when closed, folds into an accordion and is hidden in the side profile. The advantage of this solution is also a low threshold that does not hinder free passage in any way.


This product is primarily used in large, glazed recesses of balconies, terraces and winter gardens. The mosquito net can be installed in a multi-row system. Thanks to the use of a low running rail, it works perfectly with sliding doors, in which the so-called low threshold.

Openable frame mosquito net (MRO)

This product has been designed mainly for use on balcony doors. There are two variants of opening: an ergonomic and aesthetic handle or a specially profiled connecting profile that allows the closing and opening of the mosquito net both from the inside and outside of the sash.

Pleated mosquito net (MPH HARMONY VERTI)

The product is suitable for installation on window frames and roof windows. A characteristic feature of this product is the use of a special pleated net which, when closed, folds into an accordion and hides in the top profile of the mosquito net. The sliding profile of the mosquito net, thanks to the designed recess, allows for convenient opening and closing at any time.

Rolling mosquito net (MZH)

It is a modern and very functional solution designed mainly for installation on roof windows, which guarantees the possibility of protecting the attic against the presence of insects. This provides an innovative solution that allows the lower lath to be blocked on the roof windows from the inside.

Rolled mosquito net MZN

It is an excellent and extremely tight solution to protect the interior against the presence of insects, with the possibility of closing and opening at any time. This will be appreciated by moms who want to control the safety of their children in the yard.

Fixed frame mosquito net (MRS and MRSZ)

It is a perfect solution for rooms where we need regular protection, such as a bedroom, bathroom or children’s room. The product is mounted on the outer side of the window frame. Can be used on wooden and PVC windows (MRS variant) and on flush aluminum windows (MRSZ)

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