MB-SUNSHADES shutters provide excellent protection against too strong sunlight, and their use gives the facade a characteristic appearance.

The structure consists of a frame filled with obliquely arranged lamellas or panels. Due to the fact that its elements are made of aluminum, they are very resistant to weather conditions and do not require any renovation works for many years, which distinguishes them from structures made of PVC or wood.

Frame profiles are slim and light, but they are characterized by adequate stiffness, which allows you to make covers for both windows and patio doors.

Aluprof shutters are an offer for people looking for practical and aesthetic solutions.

They can be color-matched to the facade or windows, and can also be used as accents that stand out against the facade.

Broad possibilities

Due to the wide possibilities offered by the technique of making decorative and protective coatings on aluminum, MB-SUNSHADES shutters are perfect for use in various types of construction.

In buildings with a traditional structure, structures with a wood-like texture will look very good, in modern houses a color combination of structures with subdued colors, identical to the windows, may be optimal, especially effective when the window and door joinery is made of aluminum.

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